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Stitch Ghettotines take 2!  was artin' & crunkin combined into one.

With weddings, Sin absolstion, live music (Teen Symmetrical) & great DJ's (Teen Symmetry, Fynn vs Golden Gun, Captin magic, one peice.)  Unfortuanatly Death of an artist and SPEC pulled out last minute, but it was still an amazing night which was buzzing and full of energy, this was the STITCH teams first london gig and it is off to a flying start!



Sunny skys & cloudy clouds.

Up nice and early for work, I forget sometimes just how beautiful mornings can be. On the agenda today we have:

1. Work in garden 2 (9:30-12)
2. Work in garden 1 (1-5)
3. Post This blog up

4. Have a shower
5. Have a power nap (most probably to some music, i feed from bass)
6. Get some more of the beach break photos done. Their is sooooooo many of them.
7. Send apple an email complaining that aperture is too slow.
8. Hope somebody out their reads this blog and dosen't think im retarded.


Now its Friday today which means that I get to goto the pub. I am considering taking the camera, I've longg wanted to document some of the bizarre things us cornish folk get up to. 
For example, alot of my aunties and uncles and god farthers party harder than most people I know (especially if its a regatta). When the pub closes, it time to move to 'the loft'. Play some music on the speakers with an old iPod. Fun times.
YES, the iPod nano Is blue. So it's cool with me.

In other newss
My favourite photographer (Ryan Pfluger) Is selling more prints, and I still have no money =[ i want to buy one so bad. Maybe I will just use my savings. Yayy.

I feel that this photo pritty much explains work today

My foot after finishing work.    PJ2010

Hope everyone had a great day and stuff!

i sure did.

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Update on Todays creativity project


So, i have been faffing around all morning in some form of attempt to work out if i should switch my blog from blogger, to wordpress. Technically, wordpress is superiour. But, ive come to have a cirtain fondness for blogger and the ol' blogspot.

DECISIONS DECISIONS, anways, so i have copyed across everything onto an ULTRA SECRET wordpress blog (  But im not sure if i wanna move their perminatly. So my plan is to use both for a few days, and see what happens ^^.

Any input?

Anyways, as a photographer, i should really put photos into each blog entery, so here goes.

Chantel Beaven Textiles

Chantel's project was based on the mondain household objects comnig alive and attacking you (or somthing their about) Anyways, It was a fun shoot, even if a little rushed and last minute. The model is the lovley Elaine Prendergast who is an Irish ginger.  The rest of the series can be seen here.

Hope everyones having good times =]

Last night

Just couldn't sleep.
At work yesterday, i was weeding the banks, and i got stung by nettles all up my arms, hands and back. Now usually im just like *shrug*, but for some reason my arms just were SO itchy, i just couldn't sleep. I think i mite have developed another hyper sensitivity, can add nettles to the list - bleach, fix & dev. pah.

Anways, so now im in a slightly cranky mood, but at least my arms have started to heal.
I figured ide turn my mood upside down, and challenge myself to do something creative today ^^

Shall let you know later how it goes xD

Hope everyones having a fun day and stuff ^

Montag Lontag

im back on monday.

i dont think i'll have enough time to realise the night project thing, as i still need to work out how people would fit into it. I shall have to put it on the back boiler for a bit, but I will come back to it =].

Not sure how long im up in london for, at least a week, as i'm staying ti Laura leaves, hopefully, someone would like to give me a job & i can stayy, yayy.

In the mean time, i'm gonna work as much as I can in cornwall to get some moneyss xD.

Beach Break 2010

Looks like in the lunch break i'm gonna be working on my CV & the photos from beach break (which are now MASSIVLY DELAYED).

Anyways, gotta run!


Tripod anyone?


Im considering starting a new project while i'm stuck here in Cornwall. It would be another night based series. Not entirely sure why i like night time so much, but i think it has something to do with the absence of people, which has always fascinated me. When I was little and saw Jurassic Park 2, I thought it was just sooo awesome to see all the visitors reception and buildings all overgrown with plants and run down-ness. Maybe i'm just weird.

I have one major hurdle, i don;t have a tripod as its in bournemouth, just chillin in my studio. which by the way currently has some awesome lampshades in it, as instead of taking them apart to store, i figured i would just put them up xD.

Another Anyways s,
The part of the world i was bourn in & currently live in, is quite different from most other parts i've been to. People find it really hilarious that theirs only one shop (spar) within miles of my house. I just find it inconvenient.

so yea, was thinking of taking some photos of it at night.
since you know, i cant seem to find any people still awake after dark (except on friday nights).
And everyone knows, i'm busy on friday nights ;]

anyone spread some thoughts on my most primitive of ideas?

Coolycoolkins =]

London, calling.

So i finished uni, that was fun (it was not fun at all).
Now what?

The plan!
1. Move to london.
2. Get a job working as a studio assistant (since thats actaully what i'm best qualified to do)
3. Be happy (or be miserable)
4. Get a cat. (meiow meioww)

So now you see it.
thats my master plan.

Currently i'm having a mini break in cornwall with my parents, as they miss me (so i'm told). Lucky just for a week, as the lack of anything interesting going on is already getting to my head.
I shall be living with my friend Chantell ( who makes many random and wonderfull things out of other things. Go check her outtt.

Have not been doing much photography recently, as have sorting out my affairs for my old house which has been veryyyy time consuming, 3 years of stuff bulding up, one month to sort it and only a small amount of space to put it all in.


I forgot what it was tho. But i'm sure it was amazing.

Anyways,I realise its been farr to long since i last posted, so i shall try to post more this week xD

Hope everyones good, leave a comment below if anyones got any ideas for things to do whilst im in cornwall.

See ya laterr (dumm dee dumm dee) (decepticon, le tigre)


Anna Morwennaa

Over the past few weeks, ive been doing extensive work with the photographer Anna Morwenna, working as her 1st assistant & technical work/camera operator.
We have been shooting video (using my Canon 5d MKii), and then she will be taking stills from the footage.

Anways, heres a little video of what we have been up to recently =]


Its been awhile

It has indeed been awhile since I last posted anything. So I thought i'de upload a bit of my old portfolio.

This was all shot in a week, at around 1-4am, it was based on the nightlife in bournemouth, specifically that of an event I extensively worked with - Big in Japan.


Specialist Practice.

My last project in uni was the Specialist Practice, which is basically just a test shoot for our Final Major Project.

Anyways, heres a few images from it. The idea was documenting the music scene within Bournemouth (in a less obvious way), all the images from the project were of musicians/DJ's&VJ's etc.

Sneeky peek at Big in Japan from January.

As I sit down tonight to edit around 900 photos down to 90. I find myself procrastinating (nothing new their).

Anyways, I felt like doing a blog entry. This being the first one I have actually written in haha.

Ive been working on my book (btw i'm making a book about my 3 years in Bournemouth), all morning, so got bored of that and needed to get all the Big in Japan piccys ready for Jason (master of the blogs).

Heres a little sneeky peek at whats going on. I seem to be reverting back to standard 35mm 3x2 format for my club photos. Although i'm still working in square format for all my other work.