We Are Your Friends Blockparty Photos now up!

They are hiding in the event gallery here.

It was a great night, mostly I was photographing the Stitch room, but eventually drifted over to The Inferno for Frau Frau.






and can be found here :]

Stitch Ghettotines take 2!  was artin' & crunkin combined into one.

With weddings, Sin absolstion, live music (Teen Symmetrical) & great DJ's (Teen Symmetry, Fynn vs Golden Gun, Captin magic, one peice.)  Unfortuanatly Death of an artist and SPEC pulled out last minute, but it was still an amazing night which was buzzing and full of energy, this was the STITCH teams first london gig and it is off to a flying start!




New Website!

Currently under contruction, but is live anyway.

What does everyone think?


Leave me a comment below!


Sunny skys & cloudy clouds.

Up nice and early for work, I forget sometimes just how beautiful mornings can be. On the agenda today we have:

1. Work in garden 2 (9:30-12)
2. Work in garden 1 (1-5)
3. Post This blog up

4. Have a shower
5. Have a power nap (most probably to some music, i feed from bass)
6. Get some more of the beach break photos done. Their is sooooooo many of them.
7. Send apple an email complaining that aperture is too slow.
8. Hope somebody out their reads this blog and dosen't think im retarded.


Now its Friday today which means that I get to goto the pub. I am considering taking the camera, I've longg wanted to document some of the bizarre things us cornish folk get up to. 
For example, alot of my aunties and uncles and god farthers party harder than most people I know (especially if its a regatta). When the pub closes, it time to move to 'the loft'. Play some music on the speakers with an old iPod. Fun times.
YES, the iPod nano Is blue. So it's cool with me.

In other newss
My favourite photographer (Ryan Pfluger) Is selling more prints, and I still have no money =[ i want to buy one so bad. Maybe I will just use my savings. Yayy.

I feel that this photo pritty much explains work today

My foot after finishing work.    PJ2010

Hope everyone had a great day and stuff!

i sure did.

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Update on Todays creativity project


So, i have been faffing around all morning in some form of attempt to work out if i should switch my blog from blogger, to wordpress. Technically, wordpress is superiour. But, ive come to have a cirtain fondness for blogger and the ol' blogspot.

DECISIONS DECISIONS, anways, so i have copyed across everything onto an ULTRA SECRET wordpress blog (  But im not sure if i wanna move their perminatly. So my plan is to use both for a few days, and see what happens ^^.

Any input?

Anyways, as a photographer, i should really put photos into each blog entery, so here goes.

Chantel Beaven Textiles

Chantel's project was based on the mondain household objects comnig alive and attacking you (or somthing their about) Anyways, It was a fun shoot, even if a little rushed and last minute. The model is the lovley Elaine Prendergast who is an Irish ginger.  The rest of the series can be seen here.

Hope everyones having good times =]